CH.4.13 - HDMI 2.1

► HDMI 2.1 Specification approved connectors (supporting 48Gbps bandwidth)

► Most compact size HDMI Receptacle (L 9.45mm* W 15.26mm* H 5.15mm)

► Improve and reduce EMI / RFI from high frequency signals

► Single-row SMT type receptacle connector design with a mounting area space-saving is also the best solution for SMT processes.

► Lock structure with superior durability

► Contact tip in mating area is protected by insulator for improved reliability

► Large selection of connector variations are available

Product  CH. Type SPEC. SPEED
 HDMI (Receptacle)  0.1mm  Sink  HDMI 2.1  48G bps (10K)
 1.6mm  Sink  HDMI 2.1  48G bps (10K)
 2.86mm  Sink  HDMI 2.1  48G bps (10K)
 3.4mm  TOP  HDMI 2.1  48G bps (10K)
 4.13mm  TOP  HDMI 2.1  48G bps (10K)